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How We Take Your Salon
From Good To Great

Generate leads

RF Robot helps salons and restaurants generate leads for sale

Thrive through dynamic technology

Our RF Robot allow your business to thrive through our dynamic technology.

Increase savings

We help you increase savings of 20,360 (>230%).

Change to
“The Best Tech Summit Ever”

RD Food Delivery Robot

Fully upgrade smart delivery robot which is suitable for restaurants and hotels and can control by voice broadcast.

RF Robot Receptionist

High-End Intelligent Reception Service, best used for salons.

Increase savings

Automatic meal, drink, snack delivery, used in corporate offices, hotels or restaurants.

Why Reachii Robotic?


autonomous obstacle avoidance, 3D anti-fall, stable and safe

Effective cost:

1 machine replaces 1 person, saving labor costs

Easy to use:

4-layer tray, large load, more


the tray is quickly dismantled, and you can put it as you want


ultra-thin body, no fear of narrow roads, free movement


Linear lighting for a modern minimalist style

Peace of mind:

automatic charging, no manual operation required


real-time high-precision positioning, don’t worry about getting lost


Information Extraction From Text

Whether you'd like to extract information from documents, social media posts or customer feedback, Natural Language Processing is your go-to technology.


Anonymization of personal data

You have tons of documents and text data and you can't utilize this data due to privacy regulations? With anonymization of personal data in documents you can unleash its true potential.


Data Analytics with NLP

Learn how you can democratize data within your organization by providing a natural language interface to everyone. You can ask for data from any data source: Databases, ERP, CRM etc..

The new era of Technology is here!

With an automatic scheduling system, your business with run more effectively with fewer labor costs. Our excellent technology can move through narrow lanes and avoid obstacles and offers optional automatic control of the elevator and or door for visiting customers. Our intuitive tech allows salon and restaurant owners to implement it instantly, as there is no need to paste code, and the RF Robot will automatically return to charging after it’s completed its task.