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With nearly 20 years of continuous research and development in the field of technology, we are proud to present Reachii - an integrated ecosystem of diverse solutions with the application of cutting-edge digital technology in the field of Salon Industry.

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Our Expertise

300,000+ of the USA’s most successful salons trust REACHII for growth as there is no human resource management required and the performance of our products exceeds all expectations. We are proud to serve hundreds of customers across the United States, as well as the REACHII products, formerly PC Nails, that have been implemented across the globe in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Customer satisfaction

Our core values

Reachii always upholds its core values to help your business operate more efficiently with the most streamlined apparatus.

We are constantly
improving to grow with you

The world is always moving to change in the better direction of development. Understanding that, Reachii is constantly improving technology to create outstanding advantages for your business.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Reachii is like you, we all want to provide the best service to our customers. With Reachii, your satisfaction is our success.

Active community connection

We are dedicated to building a dynamic nail industry community – where salon owners, employees, and customers can easily interact and together receive value from the connection.

Towards sustainable development

Reachii will always be a reliable companion of salons on the business path towards sustainable development now and in the future.

“We use the RF Robot in my nail salon and love it. It schedules our clients and operates the door so I no longer need a receptionist!”.
7 years of use | VIP Package + RF Robot
-ZiZi Nails Bar - (IL)
“With REACHII’s Point Of Sale System, I’ve seen higher numbers of patrons and fewer mistakes, which has allowed my salon to thrive, something we desperately needed after such uncertain times, help me save about 80% of Salon Management time”.
4 years of use | Gold Package
- Lavida Nails Bar – (IL)
AI LAb chatbot with all its features was a seamless plug and play into our systems and has really helped us generate more leads.
- CEO at Epi Technologies
Miler Smith
AI LAb chatbot with all its features was a seamless plug and play into our systems and has really helped us generate more leads.
- Technical Manager at VRD

Our Clients
Love Us!

Our customer-centric philosophy is about innovating technology with the singular mission of satisfying our customers through diverse solutions. We offer technology that marries effectiveness with an ultra-sleek design because we know that aesthetics are important to our clients. REACHII's mission is to make the lives of salon and restaurant owners easier, through digital innovation that is intuitive and requires little to no human management.

300,000+ of USA’s most successful salons,
trust REACHII for growth