Turn-key Solutions For The Salon and Restaurants Industry

The Endless Advantages Of The RF Robot: Innovation At Your Fingertips

Key Features 1

Autonomous scheduling system

Multi-machine cooperation, orderly operation, avoid blocking “machines”.

The built-in scheduling system, multi-machine collaboration, automatically completes the unified scheduling of food delivery robots, which is more flexible and efficient!

Key Features 2

Narrow aisle, free passage

Key Features 3

3D camera, autonomous obstacle avoidance

3D camera + lidar fusion technology, all-round perception of the surrounding environment, intelligent identification of steps, efficient and stable operation.

Stereoscopic obstacle avoidance

automatically avoid obstacles

Key Features 4

On touch button to back, not much time to wait

Reduce waiting time and increase working efficiency.

Key Features 5

No coding required, precise positioning

No coding required

High precision navigation and positioning

Other smart features

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