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The RF Robot Offers Smart Cost-Effective Advantages

Your salon or restaurant can not only see more leads for sales generated but see an increase in savings of 20,360 (>230%).

The RF Robot pays for itself in the first 6 months by replacing labor costs with effective automatic scheduling systems.

Its sleek modern and subtle design allows for obstacle avoidance and narrow passage through any floor plan. The RF Robot automatically calls elevators and controls doors and returns to charging as soon as it’s completed its task.

We’ve served hundreds of US salons across all 50 states as well as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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The Advantages Of Our RF Robot

Generate leads for sales, manage systems, and see increased savings (>230%) within the first six months


You sell your product, we take care the rest

As the world moves toward technological development, we
are constantly improving our products to grow with you as we implement dynamic efficient products. We strive to create outstanding technology that brings both savings and organizational advantages to your restaurant.Manage your
business efficiently through our advanced digital technology,
while avoiding costly human error and labor.

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A Completly Innutive Web Solution

Attract your target consumers through an impressive and
modern website for salon or restaurants featuring professional Ui/UX Design. REACHII’s website for nail salon and restaurant owners serves the consumer by increasing user retention, conversation rates, and accessibility. The security and stability allow customers to navigate and book with ease through the most evolved marketing tools and design elements. Owners select the theme for their website and effortlessly set up a high-quality site. REACHII also offers maintenance services and management support.

Children’s Books
and Art Prints

We love reading. We love to make the world better.

Although we are a software company and strive to make the
world a better place through technology, REACHII knows that reading is the key to knowledge expansion and a love for learning. We offer children’s books and art prints that engage the next generation of minds.

Solutions Solutions Children’s Books and Art Prints

Client’s Success Stories

We look forward to assisting you. Schedule A Call Today and Find Out How Your Business Can Be REACHII’s Next Success Story!

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