RD Food Delivery Robot Used for Restaurants

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My husband and I own a Tex-Mex restaurant, we’ve always done great business, and our delicious food has always brought in a lot of loyal customers. However, as we’ve gotten older, it’s been hard for us to keep up with the number of customers because we’ve struggled to find runners who want to commit to our restaurant long-term. Because of this either me or my husband Bill has had to be at the restaurant almost every day, which has been difficult because we really want to spend more time at home with our grandkids. We knew we had to bring in something new to help our restaurant run more smoothly and take a little pressure off of us. But in all honesty, we weren’t quite sure if we were going to be able to learn how to use it!

We were overjoyed when my daughter found the RD Food Delivery Robot. While we worried we wouldn’t be able to learn the technology, the RD Food Delivery Robot was very easy to learn, although my daughter did help to set it up. The Robot is an extra set of hands around the restaurant, delivering water when a table sits, and then food and drinks to customers once they’ve ordered with the server. It’s small enough to not get in anyone's way, plus customers think we’re very high-tech, which has never been the case as until the last few years we were still using paper orders on a string to our kitchen!

What’s most important is that our staff seems to be grateful, they now can focus on their own specific tasks, without having to run all their own food and drink. But the best part is that my husband and I can now take a few days off to spend time with our family, without feeling stressed that everything will go to hell in a handbasket. I fully recommend any restaurant owner get the RD Food Delivery Robot.