The RF Robot Receptionist Saved My Salon!

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My name is Kim, and I am the owner of the salon Tip Top Nails. I used The RF Robot Receptionist to help me keep my salon running smoothly at a time when it was difficult for businesses to keep their doors open. It allowed my salon to lessen the amount of disruption to our work as it has an automatic scheduling system. The RF Robot Receptionist can move through my salon without any issues, and allow the nail technicians I employ to finish with clients faster, which means they can see more people in a day.

During the covid-19 pandemic, I struggled to keep my salon open because so many employees were exposed or contracting covid strains. During a particularly challenging month, I had five of my employee’s contract covid within four weeks of each other, even though we followed all the mask mandates and protocol. I also had some of my nail technicians express that they were concerned about coming back to work with too many employees on staff in our salon that has an open floor plan where everyone works in a single room.

I knew that if I wanted to weather the storm I would have to invest in some sort of technological solution, which is when I found the RF Robot Receptionist. Although I worried initially that there would be issues, I was pleasantly surprised at how little disruption it brought and how much it expedited my client’s salon experience. Not only could the RF Robot Receptionist function on a set schedule, but it served as a receptionist for clients. This technology can open doors for clients, allowing them to have a contactless check-in, and it moves around the salon supplying my employees with the tools and equipment they need.

The most important thing the robot did was lessen the number of people working in the salon, and that really helped minimize the impact of covid. As a salon owner one of my biggest challenges is and has always been, even before the pandemic, keeping staff happy because employee turnover means that I have to spend time finding talented replacements and even once I do, I have to retrain them to my business’s practices and standards. All of this slows the rate of clients we can see in a day, and the fewer clients we see, the less money we make. The RF Robot Receptionist makes my salon employees’ jobs easier, and they are grateful to be working for Tip Top Nails as we’ve considered ways to help them and keep them safe from covid exposure. I loved that I never had to ask any employee to “manage” the RF Robot Receptionist because it automatically charges and needs no manual operation.

Now, with the RF Robot Receptionist, we are seeing more clients per day than we have in the last year. My employees are happy to have the help of an automatic machine, and clients and technicians alike are thrilled that there’s one less person in the Tip Top Nails salon. I truly feel like Reachii’s Robot helped save my salon money and employee turnover and would 100% recommend it to other salon owners.