How The RF Robot Receptionist Set My Salon Apart

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I run the Luxe Nails Salon in Los Angeles, a city where there is a salon on every corner, and competition is unbelievably high. As a California nail salon business owner, I did extensive research into the challenges we face within our state. What I found was that California has the most hair and nail salons of any state in the United States, meaning that to be successful we would need to go beyond the status quo and give customers an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

I was trying to bring my salon to the next level, and implement approaches that would allow the business I own and operate to stand out. Believe me, this was not an easy task in Los Angeles, CA.

In my search for inventive methods that would give our customers a unique experience, I knew I had to offer distinctive services that catered to our customers through special add-ons for our manicures and pedicures; however, this wasn’t enough on its own. I saw that the salon industry hadn’t changed much in the last 20 years, so I figured that a way to set my salon apart was to show my customers that we were on the cutting edge of modernity. Doing this would make us memorable enough that our customers would recognize us, versus the hundreds of other salons in the area. Customers would leave not only loving their nails but loving the experience overall. I thought that if customers left with a story to tell about the innovative salon they went to, it would create a buzz for the salon, increasing our brand recognition, bringing in more new faces, and creating more loyal customers.

I chose the RF Robot Receptionist, a machine that functions like a human, opening doors for customers moving around the salon with tools for nail technicians. It’s incredibly inventive compared to the other technology I looked at because the robot’s design is far more minimalistic and contemporary. The design looks luxe and expensive – even though in reality it ended up saving me money.

It has what Reachii calls an “ultra-thin body”, meaning it’s narrow and sleek while still being high-tech and highly functional. The robot has linear lighting, which looks far more aesthetically pleasing than traditional lighting, plus it matches the other design aspects of my salon. It moves around my business easily and my employees have expressed that they are happy with it, but more importantly, our customers are impressed. There were other things that the RF Robot Receptionist gave me, it helped save me labor costs for employees as I no longer have a human receptionist, plus it saved me the countless hours I used to spend scheduling employees. Yet, what was most important to me was that I leveled up against my fierce competition. I’m grateful to have found a technology that makes my business unique and I have plans to purchase a second robot.