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I’m the office manager at a high-functioning Advertising Agency in Los Angeles, CA. In our business, everyone is constantly looking to increase client satisfaction and improve our reputation. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we took on a hybrid WFH model, which means that while half our employees are working on the premises, the other half is working remotely. In a lot of ways this model has been great for the company, however, we did start to notice that clients weren't getting the level of service and attention that they’d received prior.

My boss, the CEO, expressed his displeasure with this, so I took it upon myself to find an inventive solution. During my research, I considered hiring a full-time employee who would function as a receptionist, but then I found the RP Robot. The RP Robot functions are a receptionist and postman in many ways, at far less of a cost to our company. It can deliver confidential documents from this department to another department. We need verify the QR code to open cabinets and take these documents out. The RP Robot can also bring necessary items to conference rooms before we have client pitch meetings, which allows other in-office employees the time to prepare, rather than get the room ready.

The RP Robot moves around the office with ease, mapping the area through smart technology so that it does not bump into anything, and never gets in the way. Beyond this, our clients see us as being highly innovative and on the cutting edge of technology, which has made us increasingly attractive. My boss was skeptical because he thought implementing this new technology would be expensive, but in fact, it was far cheaper than hiring an additional full-time employee, particularly when you consider the cost of health insurance, vacation days, sick days, etc. Now my boss sees what a great idea this is and how much it’s brought to the company both in reputation and streamlining of tasks for employees, and he, like myself, is thrilled!