Stepping Into The Next Generation With Robots

Businesses everywhere are searching for new and exciting ways to revolutionize their business and elevate the customer experience...

Be Unique With the RF Robot Receptionist

In a business world full of competition, especially in sectors such as salons and restaurants, entrepreneurs are always looking for ways...

The Cost of a Robot Receptionist is Not Out of Reach

It is no secret that businesses across various sectors are struggling to find and keep high-quality employees in this pandemic era...

REACHII’s RP dispatch robot to revolutionize corporate and business environments

Imagine that you’re a busy office worker. You are expecting some files to be delivered to you through the office gofer. But somehow, he gets the files mixed up, delaying...

Robot Receptionist? How We Can Innovate Your Salon

It is no surprise that businesses of all types and sizes are seeking to become more automated as they work toward models that are digitized. We are sure that you have gotten automated texts and reminders about everything from appointment reminders to promotional codes for your favorite spots. While you may think that this type […]




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